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Cyprus - your foothold in Europe


Cyprus offers many advantages to foreign investors using Cyprus as a base, ranging from high quality of life and convenient geographical location between Europe, Asia and Africa, to a highly qualified workforce, excellent infrastructure and business-friendly tax and legal systems. 


As the easternmost member of the European Union and a member of the eurozone, the island has an efficient banking and financing system and prides itself on having one of the lowest tax regimes in Europe with company tax standing at only 12.5%, as well as a wide network of double taxation agreements.


You or your company can also benefit from a highly qualified work force for all legal and accounting services at competitive prices. A former British colony, the island has a legal framework based on British law, which makes buying property and other transactions easy. The use of English is widespread. 


Fast and reliable transport and telecommunications services means that it is easy to do business here. The island is very well connected, with two international airports and regular scheduled flights to most European and Middle Eastern cities.


A modern legal, banking and financing systems, excellent infrastructure with advanced transport and telecommunications network, as well as the widespread knowledge of English.

About Pafos


Pafos - an ideal setting

What with practically perfect weather, beautiful scenery, friendly people and a civilisation that goes back 10,000 years, the Pafos region has much to offer, combining a cosmopolitan resort with a laid back lifestyle and a safe virtually crime-free environment. It's a great place to live. 


If you're fed up of the hustle and bustle of the big city, it's the place to come to relax and unwind and get close to nature. Here you can find something to satisfy all your desires. Activity, tranquillity, good food, fine wine, spas, walking, golf, culture, nature, birdwatching,  the Pafos region has it all. 


The region has the sweetest climate with sunshine practically guaranteed all the year round. Each season is special allure. Spring is delightful with its awakening of nature. Autumn is blissful with its mellow temperatures and lack of crowds, while the mild winter, when everything turns green, is perfect for outdoor activities, or for taking in the culture.


Today the city, with its pleasant harbour and medieval fort, combines a cosmopolitan holiday resort, with great shopping and good restaurants and an international airport, as well as spectacular countryside and historical sites. It was the capital of Cyprus for 600 years in ancient times and its archaeological legacy is such that UNESCO put the whole town on its World Cultural Heritage List. The intricate floor mosaics in villas dating back to the Roman period depicting scenes from Greek mythology are considered among the finest in the Eastern Mediterranean. 



Steeped in history


As the capital of Cyprus for 600 years in ancient times, Pafos' archaeological legacy is such that UNESCO has put the whole town on its World Cultural Heritage List. 


In antiquity Pafos was the centre of the cult of Aphrodite, the Greek mythological goddess of love. The rocks known as Petra tou Romiou just outside Pafos are where legend has it the goddess rose from the waves. A sanctuary in her name exists at Kouklia, while a grotto near Polis is where she was supposed to have bathed.


The intricate floor mosaics in villas dating back to the Roman period depicting scenes from Greek mythology are considered among the finest in the Eastern Mediterranean. Equally impressive are the underground Tombs of the Kings carved out of solid rock and decorated with Doric pillars. The museum at Maa-Paleokastro near Coral Bay has an interesting collection of artefacts from the period of Mycenean Greek colonisation of Cyprus.


Cyprus was the first country the apostles Paul and Barnabas visited in their mission to spread Christianity and the first to come under Christian administration. Byzantine treasures abound, such as the remarkable five-domed church of Agia Paraskevi in Geroskipou, or the ruins of two early Christian basilicas at Agios Georgios in Pegeia. The monastery of Agios Neofytos has wonderfully colourful frescoes painted on the walls in a cave that a hermit carved out of the mountains. Chrysorrogiatissa monastery is worth visiting for its fine icons and a taste of the locally produced vintage wine from its own winery. Further afield and hidden away in the pine forests above Pafos, are Cyprus’ painted churches with their colourful frescoes on walls and apses, ten of which have been put on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Living the good life


The essence of Cyprus is its high quality of life, and the Pafos region in particular is a place where you can go slow, take stock of your life and get refreshed. 


The weather is wonderful all the year round with blue skies, warm temperatures, and guaranteed sunshine. Here you can breathe clean air and enjoy the outdoors, as pollution levels are nonexistent. Towns and cities are not overpopulated and distances are short, so you will easily get to where you want to go and rarely get stuck in traffic. 


When it comes to food, you will find none better, as the island's delicious cuisine is purportedly one of the healthiest in the world. An exotic blend of Greek, Southern European and Middle Eastern dishes, it consists of abundant fresh vegetables that are grown on the island, fresh fish from its coastal waters and grilled local meat. Cyprus has been famous for its wines since antiquity, with the sweet Commandaria wine one of the oldest in the world. 


When you invest in Pafos you won't just be investing in a building but investing in your life. 

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