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Construction services

In addition to property developing, our company also offers bespoke construction services.


If you own a piece of land and are looking to build your dream home, or any other structure, our company works with a team of architects, civil engineers, and other specialists to design and draw up plans for you, and, in consultation with you, subsequently implement them. Alternatively, we can help you find the right piece of land on which to realise your dreams.


With a reputation for the exceptional quality of our construction projects, our team can either produce designs according to your needs, or we can realise your construction objectives based on your own designs.


Together with our many years of experience, our reliability, and our attention to detail, our company provides outstanding services in property design and development that you can trust.

5 Bedroom laxury villa in  Tala Village
renovation and extension 

This client entrusted our company with designing his villa on 2000 sq m of land that he owned. This pictures below show the designs that our architects and interior designers came up with together with the client. Our company has undertaken to construct the project to the usual high standards of quality and aesthetics that clients have come to know and trust.

A  5-bedroom villa with modern interior design and top quality finishes . Total land area 2000m2 , total build 380m2 ( 190m2 existing plus 190m2 extension)

We offer design , building permits , complete construction , energy efficiency upgrade , central a/c , central heating . When delivered will be ready to move in.

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